Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Rewriting History

"She chose to rewrite history."

First, a short introduction:

In my real life, the anniversary of the death of someone I loved very much is coming up soon.  I have struggled with his suicide for a long time.  And somehow I have managed to get through it.  I have moved on as much as a person possibly can.

I heard about fake journaling a while ago and was recently scrolling through Pinterest and saw a link to THIS website, and it put it in my mind again.

  I feel like I have to do this.  I think about how things could have been from time to time. ..not obsessively like I used to, but I do think about it. 

April is fake journaling month (according to that website) and I am going to participate in it. my own way...I don't know if I'm doing the fake journaling thing right, but I'll be doing it right for me...  I'm not sure that I can keep up with it on a daily basis (I'll try, but no guarantees) , but I will be doing at least 30 posts in this vein.  After that, who knows what will happen with this site...we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

The story I will be telling is the perfect version of my life.  It's not meant to be uber realistic or to be a pathway back down the road of obsession.  But somewhere out there in the grand scheme of things, we all deserve our happy ending.  That's the story I want to tell.

"She chose to rewrite history."

From this point forward, I'll be writing as though it was three years ago.  All the things that have happened in my life in that time frame did not occur.  I'll be keeping an art journal to go along with all the posts, and sharing that as well.  If you know me from my other blog (which you can find HERE), you will hopefully see a difference between that art and what I share well as a difference in writing style and my personality...if I get it right anyway...  And if you don't know me from Sweet Red Clover, go check me out...

I hope this will be an interesting read at least, or that you'll like looking at the pretty pictures...but if not, that's ok.  It's not for you, really.  It's for me and my purposes.  

If fake journaling is something your interested in, I hope you'll try it in your own way.  I'd love to see your work, so please feel free to leave a link in the comments if you're already fake journaling, or if you'd like to start out doing it along with me.  I'm flying by the seat of my pants here, but I really wouldn't mind having somebody on the same flight as me.


  1. Onteresting! This fascimates me! I will go check out the sites you offered. Thanks SRC! (Amy?)

    1. Thanks Janet! And yes technically I am Amy, but my friends call me Sweets ( and just to be more confusing, I do sign my stuff SRC...I keep ya guessing! Lol)

  2. The one thing I've noticed is that your art work is different. I love these collage pages. This will be interesting to follow. I've never heard of fake journaling... but somehow it seems right up your alley.

  3. Could you please add the sign up by email button so I'll remember to read your blog everyday.?

  4. I'm stalking I mean following you too, Sweet Amy

  5. I can definitely see a difference between this art and your other blog. I think this is a beautiful way to heal and wish I'd thought of something similar to help me over the suicide of my best friend 14 years ago (this July). You're right in saying that they are stopping the lives of the people who love them along with their own, and if they could just hold on for even 3 more days, a miracle would come. Lots of love to you Amy xo